Digital innovation is the key to success and survival. Spatial data plays a key role - both at the macro level (in entire industries) and at the micro level (in the company). 

We support you in successfully using geoinformation with expertise and resources

Project management for your business IT

We support you in the operation of your infrastructure and GIS integration 

Support from a service provider with knowledge of similar projects and processes is particularly useful in the implementation phase of a new workflow component.

  • Rapid integration into daily work processes
  • Determine existing data stocks and the data requirements, evaluate the integration efforts and benefits in terms of technical and monetary aspects
  • Training courses for the continuation of the systems on our own initiative or cost-effective support by us
  • Continuous and goal-oriented system expansion
  • Avoid cost-intensive errors in the introduction phase, ensure economic operation by means of cost-benefit controlling
  • Evaluate available updates/releases and organize migrations

    Development: Application and product integration

    Link your specialized systems, data sources and work steps of different employees to consistent processes! 

    We have extensive possibilities for software integration - be it your own developments or applications of other manufacturers. SynerGIS products (WebOffice, GeoOffice), which meet the local market requirements and are well maintained, make this step much easier. As an Esri official distributor for Austria, we also have exclusive know-how and information channels.

    A second core area is the mapping of workflows in infrastructure management with correspondingly strict specifications from operator duties, legal requirements and documentation obligations. Here, too, the integration of third-party systems is important.

    Hosting: Saving resources and keeping up-to-date

    Outsourcing software solutions for specific tasks is common today. This is based on considerations of operational safety, scalability, know-how requirements and access.

    During hosting, you hold your software components and data on a central server. Hosted solutions and applications are kept in operation by us, backed up, updated, scaled, provided with special accesses (e. g. mobile access) and provided with new data or transferred back to you on request. In doing so, we offer you:

    • Regular system maintenance and update management
    • Complete system support
    • Hosting of GIS solutions
    • Hosting of infrastructure solutions
    • Hosting of the complete IT landscape
    • Server-providing and application hosting, e. g. for public or internal (geo) portals