Geographical information systems (GIS)

We support you in integrating a Geographical Information System (GIS) into your corporate IT. With our software solutions you avoid risky in-house developments and remain technologically up-to-date thanks to ongoing maintenance.

Geographical Information Systems

Infrastructure & CAFM Software

Whether infrastructure, buildings, green spaces, equipment or other objects: SynerGIS ProOffice supports you with recurring workflows. The integrated GIS and CAD functions allow you to maintain an overview and save valuable resources.

Infrastructure & CAFM Software

Products Take advantage of the SynerGIS effect by combining our solution platforms:

Save and manage geodata in various forms (aerial images, shape files, ...) in a database

Visualize spatial information in 2D and 3D with the latest technology

Create maps, analyze data, forecast developments and make decisions based on spatial information

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Esri-Austria Homepage

Manage and maintain buildings, infrastructure, green spaces and other objects of all kinds

Plan, execute, verify and document repetitive tasks

Organize actions based on regular time intervals or thresholds, keep track of all appointments and deadlines

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Provide geodata and advanced GIS-functions browser-based in your internal network or Internet

Offer specially adapted WebGIS user interfaces

Recorde geodata on mobile devices in the field using a central database (e. g. buildings, traffic data, cadastre,...)

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WebOffice Homepage

Integrate advanced management processes and specialised systems into ArcGIS Desktop

Elaborate land-use plans, spatial planning concepts and zoning plans

Provide simplified and customized user interfaces for ArcGIS Desktop

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