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As a city/community administration, educational institution or building services provider you own, use or manage a large number of properties. For this you need a software which gives you an overview of your documents, deadlines and all obligatory tasks.

Functions ProOffice Object Management supports you in performing the following tasks:

Capture property, building, floor and room structure using CAFM software, creating the basis for processes

Work with map support and use spatial relationships, e.g. based on the location in the external environment (buildings in the GIS, rooms in the CAD plan)

Overview of object properties (e.g. of rooms, doors, facades) and use them for further work such as maintenance, locking management or cleaning

Use personnel and resources efficiently, reduce work preparation, minimize reaction time through object-related document access

Statistical assessment and evaluation of ownership, users, types of use and areas

Create meaningful reports for analysis, combine them with business data, maps or other content (logos, images, diagrams)

ProOffice Building Management offers you a comprehensive software package. We offer you a cross-departmental view of your real estate, the associated objects such as equipment, installations, leases, inventory and their processes.

Useful Platform Features Functions that you can use in all ProOffice Software Solutions

  • Access tried-and-tested process and object structures
  • Create meaningful reports and enhance them with map elements
  • Flexible extension of data models